Moto Guzzi Ambassador V7 Special Gilardoni Piston Cylinder Kits w/ Hd Gskts

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Moto Guzzi Ambassador V7 Special 83mm Gilardoni Piston Cylinder Kits with Head Gaskets

Replace your flaking chrome cylinders with a new set of Gilardoni cylinder and piston kits. Its also a good idea to replace your cylinders even if your current chrome is ok. You never know when it might start flaking.

Kit includes -

  • Nikasel bore Cylinder x2
  • Piston, rings, pin & clips x2
  • Head gasket with oval hole push rod opening x2

These are sold as a pair, just as you see pictured.

Consult your parts manual for proper fitment.

Please take note that this item may be a reproduction or replacement item for an original Moto Guzzi part. Part number is for reference purposes only.