Agostini Air Box Breather Box for Moto Guzzi LeMans I, II, 850T, T3, 1000SP 200007150

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Genuine Agostini breather box fresh from Mandello del Lario for your LeMans I, II, or 850T, T3, 1000SP, etc. with pod filers or without oil vapor return.

This might be the solution if you are tired of your bike puking oil out of the breather box. Due to the larger volume of the Agostini breather box, the oil might separate better, and the oil return may be improved. I can't guarantee this will solve your oil spewing problem, but it might. 

Set includes L-pipes (small and large), a nice hose by Continental, and hose clamps. 

This is a premium product and Mr. Agostini is charging premium prices. So, sorry about the price point.