Moto Guzzi 83mm Steel Piston Ring Set Ambassador, Eldorado, 850 GT 13060900 / 13060800 / 13060700

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Moto Guzzi 83mm Steel Piston Ring Set 13060900 / 13060800 / 13060700

Moto Guzzi part number 13060900 / 13060800 / 13060700

Listed as 5MM, 2,5MM, 2X 2MM but look at my more precise measurements in one of the pictures.

For Eldo and 850GT you only need one of the 2MM rings. Ambassador uses both. 

These are for your original cylinders and NOT the right size for Gilardoni cylinders. 

They are uncoated steel and should be suitable for both original chrome-lined cylinders and cylinders relined by Millenium. However, I don't recommend using the original chrome-lined cylinders due to the well-documented chrome peeling issue that can result in an expensive engine rebuild. Millenium does an excellent job relining your old cylinders and a long as your pistons are in good shape, that is an alternative to buying new cylinder kits. I do have new cylinder kits also.

Price per set for one cylinder.

Please measure your piston grooves and consult with your favorite Guzzi technician to make sure these are appropriate for your application. 

Consult your parts manual for proper fitment.

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Derek Wardell
First class service!

Crusty Cycle was the only place I could find a piston ring set for my 1970 750 Ambassador. As I'm in UK, it's wouldn't be my first choice to buy from USA, but in this case it was the only choice. I ordered on Friday and the parts arrived the following Wednesday by DHL. Now that's what I call first class service!